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Result Cards

Hi All

A reminder that result cards must be received within seven days of the match having been played. With the technology available there really isn't any reason for a card not to be sent on the night of the match, please get them in on time and preferably by email, adding penalties for late cards is ridiculous however it is part of the rules implemented by the league.

19. In the event of a non-receipt by the league of a result card within seven days following a league match there shall be a deduction of four points made from the offending team, 10 points being awarded to the opposing team. It is the entire and sole responsibility of the home team to ensure a completed result card is received by the league and no appeal shall be allowable against the point’s deduction.

Singles Finals best of 3 @ 501 - best of 5 @ 501 final match. Toss of a coin to determine who throws first any byes drawn first round and not carried forward.
Registration 8pm draw 8:15
Volunteer callers & markers required
Board ref R Payne

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